We Like

by Johnny Brown

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World Phi Music x WPM

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(Johnny Brown)


Just ended up in the club
Time to get these bitches loca
We fell in love with drugs
Just like you buy pepsi-cola
I know you think that I'm crazy
Don't give a fuck what you saying
Being out here with my homies
That's just the shit that concerns me

Verse 1:

Oh bling bling, ring ring
This the type of beat that makes you sing and swing, lean, shake that thing
Move your hips 'cause right now you on scene, now
Follow the groove, now
Time to get loose, now
Pour some Jack D and mix it with juice, now
Drop that ass girl, drop it so low
Drop it so the people be looking like whoa


We like girls, we like gold and the people popping bottles at the club
We like gold and the people popping bottles x 4

Verse 2:

Oh it's lit
All these mothafuckas be gone
And all these bitches playing games
'Cause they all be sipping too strong
Next day forgot her fucking name, shit
Don't know what to say
The world fucked up and it's just that way, you hit
By the fucking yay
Making you feel that chardonnay
It lets you say for sure some trippy ass things
And then you out there flashing that smile girl
Shaking that booty girl
Showing me another world
Please don't stop you pretty ass girl
'Cause we both right here we feeling it girl
But I gotta go now excuse me girl
Time for Johnny Brown to sip another bottle now girl

And we get wild in the club
And the people going hard
And they know we got it all
They just be showing off
I think it's time for us to shine
Pop the bottle watch them whine
Drink 'till we go out of line
Guess we all know that it's time

Chorus x 2

Verse 3:

Booty go up and down, getting too high
And we just feeling the sound, my throat pretty dry
Time to get another round
The night too young, let's move the crowd
And let's just start the fucking show
By taking 8 shots in a row
Gotta fucking hope that we don't go down the floor

(I just wanna do that shit every night)
Let's just hope that when that 40 hits, we gon' be alright
'Cause Johnny Brown right at the spot
Feeling like we winning the lot, we hot
To the people in the spot, guess it's time for us now to turn the block up, oh
Guess it's time for us now to fill up our empty cup
'Cause tonight looks like that's what's up
Extra bottles in the trunk and people being tipsy drunk
Come right here girl, who are you
I think you need to have a good time too
And so you gotta choose like what's your next move
And what the hell you people gon' do?


Another damn time drinking bottles feels like 4 AM
Wasting time, seeing double we just got no end
And we always popping bottles, we be always up
All the people reunited in the fucking club

Chorus x 4


released December 11, 2016
Music producers:
- ChannL 40
- Key Watch (@keywatchmuic)

Original beat producer:
-Luka Fortin x LukaSky

Mixing/sound engineering:

-Izzy Vadim

-Snowflakes @ www.instagram.com/snowwflakes00/

Mixtape Cover Art: Rim Kalach @r.k_sdc

Contact information/Business inquiries: worldphimusic@gmail.com - Johnnybrownofficial@gmail.com



all rights reserved


Johnny Brown Montreal, Québec

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